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Breast milk and breastfeeding: the key to an adult’s healthy lifestyle?

This is a reminder to the readers of Nature’s way of how children should be nurtured. Something that modern mothers have forgotten and sometimes choose to ignore or abandon.

Let me enlighten you to a few of the many advantages of breastfeeding:
1) Mother’s milk has all the nutrients that a baby needs. There is no such thing as lack of nutrients in the milk even as a child grows older.
2) As a child grows up and faces different level of difficulties and tensions in life, he/she knows that human is the main source of consolation and comfort, not other objects like dummy, pillow, television.
3) Breastfeeding is very convenient, especially whilst travelling. There is no need to bring cans of milk powder, to disinfect the milk bottles, to seek for hot water or bring any kitchen utensils.
4) When baby is feeling tired, uneasy or not feeling well, breastfeeding is the most natural comforter. It also saves other adult’s time and stress to coo or calm the baby. Furthermore, mother’s milk will act like an antidepressant for the baby.
5) Mothers who breastfeed are actually helping to save and protect the environment, and also boost the country’s economy. No more plastic utensils for milk bottles, milk powder and other gadgets related to preparing a baby’s milk. Logistic fee to import or export the ingredients is also greatly reduced. Also not to mention the low maintenance medical fee to treat babies.
6) Bear in mind that breastfeeding is not only in the account of physically transporting the milk into the child’s body, but is also a method for mother to understand and fulfil the baby’s various needs. The process actually increases ‘motherly love’ hormone which will make the mother to aotumatically pay more attention to the baby’s natural feeding time. It’s like having an invisible timer that can switch on and off the milk production department. Furthermore, the closeness between mother and child promotes interaction, understanding and fulfill the symbiosis relationship of mother and child. The child will benefit most in his/her social development throughout this process; whilst the mum learns to become a good mother with the best self-help tool in the world- breastfeeding.
7) I don’t think many parents realise this important point. Due to the different tastes in mother’s milk, which naturally comes from the various food that a mother eats, a breastfed child will not be too petty in trying different types of food from different parts of the world.

Amidst the advantages of breastfeeding, i still have a couple of things to point out:
– when is the right time or age to wean a child from breast milk?
– don’t forget to encourage your child to drink cow’s milk after his first birthday. Maybe this statement actually answers my previous question.


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