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Diapers can enhance the quality of a family life

A baby brings lots of fun into a family. At the same time, the same baby also invokes stress or pressure to the family members as well. 64% of the mothers in a household wake up in the middle of the night to change their babies’ diapers. Babies should have no disturbance of sleeping time at night for their physical and brain development. Little do we realize that babies lose their quality sleep when their diapers are being changed, though they seem to be soundly asleep. As a result of their incomplete sleep, babies can get very sleepy during the day, less active and get annoyed or irritated easily.

 It is recommended by medical specialists that parents should schedule their babies sleeping timetable as soon as the babies are 6 or 8 weeks old. If this arrangement is done gradually from that age, at 3 months old, most of the babies could sleep perfectly from 12am till 5am. So, what should the parents do to achieve this seemingly insurmountable task? Feed the child at least 30 minutes or an hour before putting it to sleep. Giving the parents themselves sufficient time to read a story or sing a lullaby for the child. Remember to put on the best quality diaper for your baby, so that it doesn’t get disturbed by the sheer presence of wetness and unpleasant feeling in the middle of the night!!!


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