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What can we do for Earth?

I have a friend who is more concern about the environment than me. She separates her garbage at home into 2 separate bins: recyclable and non-recyclable. She is easily annoyed by people who take more than one tissue paper everytime they wash their hands after going to toilet. And not to mention for those who do not turn off their taps while brushing their teeth.

Now, after meeting her a few times, my friend has successfully influenced me to follow her footsteps as well.:heart: Below are a few happenings for the organic ones:

My local council has introduced food waste collection service where leftovers are collected and turn into high quality compost. Tenants willl be given a sealable food wastebin that will be emptied each week. All food waste can be collected, including:

cooked and raw food
meat and fish, including bones
vegetable and fruit peelings
egg shells
dairy products
teabags and coffee grounds
any newspaper you use to line the bin or wrap food waste in.

I wonder what to do about my old christmas tree? Apparently, I can bring it to any recycling scheme at my local borough where the tree will be chipped and used as compost.

In its commitment to saving energy and managing the environment, Waitrose offers special shopping trailers for cyclists to carry their shopping home. The cycle trailers are equipped with large canvas bags and are available for free loan to Waitrose Account
Cardholders. A good idea for me to start buying a bicycleand use it to go to work. In that way, I save on my monthly tube ticket and exercise everyday.


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