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Children and Old People and Writing

Children and old people are two different groups of a large bridge gap, so far yet so similar in a lot of areas. Montessori Magazine has written a lot about how Montessori apparatus in the classroom can also be used by senior citizens. I also remember talking to my ex-colleagues about planning a visit to our neighbours, the old folks at the community centre which is only a stone rolled away. The children loved talking to them from across the fence, asking them their names, what they did that day and a whole lot more.

Children love to write and draw about older people, especially their grandparents. Hence, it is important to allow children to write about their memories and explore their friendships with the elderly. Give children different writing tools like felt pen, pencil or charcoal, and they’ll start to draw an old people and writing about them too. It’s incredible to see how children draw the pictures and write the sentences simultaneously. It seems that they are thinking when doodling, then they are talking to others about their drawing subjects and finally they write out the subject’s matters. Children’s close observational drawing rooted from images and thoughts inside their heads strengthens their memory and thoughts of their relationship with the old people they know.

Until this day, I still regret the opportunity that my former school should have taken to invite the elderly from next door for a cup of tea. The children could have made excellent Montessori hosts and hostesses for the event.


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