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Children need to be more active.

This is a report from The Guardian, a London newspaper.

“Young children should exercise for at least 90 minutes a day to stay healthy. A team from the Norwegian School of Sports Sience in Oslo found that the risk factor for heart disease decreased among nine-year-olds who did 116 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity a day, equivalent to walking at speed of around 3 miles an hour. For 15-year-olds the benefits were recorded at around 88 minutes. The study on 1730 children from Denmark, Estonia and Portugal, was reported in The Lancet.” 

So, children should have physical education classes and extra co-curricular activities of at least one and a half hour every day. I had a pretty healthy outdoour lifestyle when i was in my schooling days- half an hour of PE in school twice a week, run and play with friends every day from 5-7 pm, 2 hours of taekwondo lessons twice a week and lots of cycling adventures with my neighbour almost everyday.

i don’t think obesity amongst youngsters is a national issue in Malaysia. But in London it is increasingly gaining attention and anxiety with the government and public. Hence the concern in the newspaper.


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