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Managing Classroom and Children

a) If you have difficulty gaining the children’s attention at the end of the day or after lunchtime, try doing this:
            Clap out the syllables in questions that require a response from the class. For example, clap the syllables as you say “Are you listening?” The children should response by saying “Yes, we are”, as they clap the syllables together.
            You can also repeat the question more quietly each time, or even whisper it, until the whole class is paying attention.
            You can also ring a bell very gently once or switch off the lights and request the children to stop doing their work and put their hands on their heads, as their eyes and heads turn to look at their teacher. This body language shows that they are paying attention to the teacher’s words.


b) Reception children can practice writing their name by doing this:
            Place a piece of paper and a pencil next to each activity area in the classroom. If the children wish to work in that area, they must write their name on the paper first. For example, put the heading “Who has worked on the computer today?” with the date on a large board, and then encourage the children to write their name as a record for you and a practice for them.


c)   Children are good assistants. So at the end of the day, when the classroom looks less tidier, invite the children to clean the classroom together. This is how you, as a teacher, can do it with them:
            Delegate responsibility for certain jobs to teams of children. Divide the class into groups, then for the last 5 to 10 minutes of each day assign them jobs to do to keep the classroom tidy. These could include sharpening pencils, tidying up the areas in the classroom, clearing tables, putting rubbish in the bin and so on. Not only does this save time for you and your colleagues after a hard day, it also gives the children a sense of ownership and pride in keeping their classroom tidy. 


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