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Night Terror

What is Night Terror?

I read about an account of a mother whose son suffered from night terrors at a tender age of 6 months. Apparently, the symptoms of this suffering are screaming and agitation, and these signs can worsen when the carer touches, picks up, speaks to the child or turns on lights in a room. If the child opens his or her eyes, the child may not recognize the carer and reacts with fear at the sight of the closest persons.

Fortunately, the mother of the child who has the night terrors found solution in music- a lullaby CD to put him to sleep, and a visit to the medical experts for craniosacral therapy and radionics sessions. Her family can now sleep peacefully for the past six months.

I would still like to know what this night terror, its causes are and the age of the children that fall victim to this disease.

This is something I noted from the Internet: “Night terrors occur most often in small children – a child sits up in bed, staring into space and screaming in apparent terror. Mostly, children do not remember these episodes. Night terrors are not always a sign of some deeper problem or worry, but this may be the case.”

I just got a hunch about this occurrence. Could regression hypnotic therapy help these children to recover from this problem? What is the brain activity like during this terror? What is really happening in the mind of the child during such occurrence?


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