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Nomad parents’ concern

One of the biggest challenges facing parents from the Western world and working in the East is how to educate their children, that is where or which school to place their child in. Not long ago, the only option was to enroll their children in boarding schools in Europe or North America. But today’s younger and more family-oriented global elites are less willing to live apart from their children just because they might be posted in Mongolia or Mexico.

There are now more top-quality international schools around the world, especially in China and the East. At the same time, the International Bacclaureate (IB) programme is gaining favour. It is now avaialble in 122 countries and nearly 2000 schools, all of which follow the same curriculum from kindergarten through high-school graduation, guaranteeing an uninterrupted education for children of familes who move around  a lot. 

In this globalized era, every advantage helps: Top schools have begun adding programs, such as campus exchanges between branches and teaching as many as 80 languages in a school.

As philosopher Will Durant said, “Education is the transmission of civilization.”- no matter where the civilization may turn out to be.Today’s kids are definitely competing with a vast and talented international pool for top university slots.  


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