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Working In Harmony

Running a Montessori school can be hugely rewarding but sometimes frustrating experience. Below are some of the comments given by 2 Montessori schools in England who have worked together for about six years.

 “During the past few years there have been lots of phone calls and chats, about subjects like staff, financial, public relations, equipment buying etc.

The two schools share many Montessori resources and materials, and find that joint purchasing means that they have the ability to buy more expensive items than they might not be able to buy individually.

They also alert each other to changes in legislation and share policies and other administrative paperwork, which saves both time and money.

Their staff has also gained from the experience by visiting the other’s nursery and sharing information. They also attended conferences together and helped to relight the Montessori fire in the kindergarten.

During the planning stages, the two schools have shared details and layout of rooms, brainstorm ideas, discuss Montessori practice and help each other through the sometimes fraught stages of building.

The owners of the schools have also had a chance to reflect on the benefits of their strong friendship and working relationship. They have a message for all Montessorians out there, “We strongly recommend that other Montessorians build up their support network, perhaps finding a particular friend or mentor, so that they can support each other through the mundane and sometimes not such good times and share the exciting times that all of us have who are involved in the Montessori world.”


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