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Useful tips for buying toys

Do we need to provide expensive toys (especially from Hamleys of the high quality brand) to babies or toddlers? Good toys need not be expensive, just a little bit of thought, a dash of effort and a pinch of creativity.

One-year-olds love playing with cone of coloured rings, the posting box, blocks, constructions sets and puzzles of simple circles of colours. It would definitely be a good time to introduce wooden push trolley as children of this age start to pull themselves up, cruising and pushing around chairs. Children love to push wooden trolley and climb in it waiting to be pushed.

Try to avoid buying media-linked toys such as Spiderman, Batman or the Princess-sy stuff. Research indicates that children’s play tends to be limited when playing with such toys. Their imagination is constrained by the stereotypical and single purpose nature of the toys. Bear in mind that these toys have not been created by people with pedagogical knowledge.

We should remember that the child’s imagination is the centre of play, not the toy. Look for toys that can be used in a variety of ways and that promote problem solving, that is by letting your children decide how the toys will be used to create new, more complex and different play opportunities.

Duplo is a hugely popular giant sized of LEGO consruction pieces. It can be incorporated into any kind of play, with train set and works well with boys and girls. Children just love to make fantastic things with them, like fire hose, airport, cars etc.

I think when buying presents for your own kids or for relatives and friends’ kids, always ask the question can this gift benefit them on a long term basis, or be given to one generation to another in the family? Is the present educational or merely offer temporary entertainment moments? Never be seduced by the department’s marketing gimmicks!!


April 21, 2007 - Posted by | Toys

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