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Daddy in prison

I read this article about how fathers in prison can support their children’s education from behind the bars. HMP Blantyre House in Kent, UK has become the first prison to teach courses in the subtleties of the national curriculum, explaining the tests pupils take and the meaning of terms such as ‘key stage’.

On the basis that a happy family life leads to less likelihood of re-offending, prisoners are being coached in how to help their children with their homework and even how to choose a good school. The 8-weeks course culminates in a family learning day, when family members visit the prison for a relaxed day of arts and crafts, science, sport and technology.

Daddys responded very well to this program, enabling them to assist their children in their academic and also posting homeworks and tasks to their children. I believe the question now is survey being done to investigate whether this kind of programs actually stop people from committing any more offends and putting ex-prisoners on the right track when they return to the community and their family.


June 17, 2007 - Posted by | news

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