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Summer Play

Hoorray..It’s time for play, not only for the children but adults alike. Casting my mind back to the popular TV family show, such as The Brady Bunch, Family Ties, The Full Family, The Cosby Show (my most favourite one) and many more, I miss the chattering, the gathering, riding bikes and playing endless games. I even remembered becoming the compere of the games played by my neighbour’s baby sister and her friends. I also remember the nights of Chap Goh Meh and Mid-Autumn Festival, carrying lantern all around the taman (residential housing area), playing a few local games and eating mooncakes in the middle of a cemented field under starry night and gibbous moon. I really miss those pre-computer and pre-mobile phone times, wistfully reminiscing the days before video games and fast food. In fact , the fast food, KFC only came into town in the early 1990s and it has been equivalent to eating sumptuous food outside, as if in a posh restaurant.

I read this in this month’s Reader’s Digest:

“The British family dinner is disappearing. Less than a third of families sit down and eat together more than once a week.”

How astounding! The article continues to elaborate on the benefits of family dinner: emotional sharing, control of the quality, ingredients and portions, save on family budget and better digestion as we eat more slowly to talk.

I am so glad my father, as the head of the family (very traditional but most needed and appreciated) never fail to emphasise and practice cooking home cooked food and setting up place for a family dinner, whether it’s in his house or in my brother’s house. And until today, I have always insisted my husband to do the same, whilst making him to off the TV for at least 30 minutes while we are at the table (something which is hardly practised in his home) and I hope this routine continues when we have our first child.


July 10, 2007 - Posted by | family, news

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