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Update on my tasks (finalize and very very proud about it)

Allow me to list a few things that I would like to share with the Montessorians around the world:1) display Montessori Centenary logo on the site ›first uploaded image on WordPress, than add the widget to the Presentation:♦)

2) display children’s songs on the site ›used Sonicspot to upload contemporary songs.

3) AMI Montessori Training centres in Asia and the relevant courses ›only Elementary courses around the world.

4) Montessori Centenary conferences around the world ›on the Blogroll.

5) Montessori news from the Montessori International Magazine ›accomplished.

6) burn my video-recording of the conference in Italy and upload them here ›never felt exhausted than this project, spent weeks on this downloadin/uploading/burning/resizing/compressing, used Vod pod as the video platform in this blog.:♦)

7) upload a slideshow displaying Maria Montessori’s portraits added task.

I will try my darndest best to do it this week. Guess have to stay at home the whole day tomorrow.


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