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Some tips on how to pack food-on-the-go for picnic or during travelling.

A picnic is a great way to bring family members and friends together for some fresh air, sunshine an outdoor fun. It is important to remember to have fun during and when preparing food for the activities so that it does not end up so much of a burden or a hassle to everyone. 

1)    Keep It Simple- Choose a menu that is easy to make, easy to pack and easy to clean up. Always think of finger food!

2)    Finger Licking Good- What kind of finger food? Here are some suggestions: sandwiches, fish fingers, fried sotong balls;

edamame beans;

watermelon cubes;

homemade fun food like pancakes & muffins;

plenty of water.

3)    Shortcuts- Take advantage of the huge range of ready made products available from the supermarket and deli. Try these:

Interesting breads like multigrain buns, ciabattas and naans, filled with cooked meats and cold cuts;

Cooked sausages and individually packed cheese;

Salad vegetables;

Individually packaged drinks.

4)    DIY- A D-I-Y basket of foods would work well too. Even a family BBQ would be a great event to share the fun and laughter which can also include the foods like chilled soups, baguettes, tomata sauce, chilli sauce, small pots of flavoured yogurt, stodgy chocolate brownies and ice-cream!

5)    Packing It In- Instead of using a traditional basket which is heavy and bulky, pack in as much as you like into a haversack, which has numerous useful pockets. In hot weather, a cooler bag or box is an absolute must and remember to pack raw food separately if you are planning a BBQ.

More tips for a more successful outing:

o               Fill water bottles but not to the brim and freeze them overnight. Wrap them with a hand towel each before packing into the picnic bag. This will ‘catch’ the condensation and prevents your bag from getting damp. You’ll have a good supply of cold drinks throughout the day and cold towels to wipe down sweaty faces later!

o               Pack individual hampers where no cutlery is needed. Best containers are those with dividers as they are easy to pack, distribute and eat from.

o               Eat what you want. And make it a potluck to share the cost of providing the food expecially if it’s a big group of children.

o               Always go when the kids are energetic and fresh, that is to best start the day early before it gets too hot in the afternoon.

o               Very important to set limits for behaviour and be specific in giving instructions and setting rules.

o               Bring a rug with a plastic backing or damp-proof groundsheets, foldable table and chairs.

o               Check destination whether they allow pet dogs. Also bring a bag to pick up droppings along the way.

o               Make sure you take your litter home and dispose it properly.


Must-pack List:

§                Insect repellent

§                Sunscreen

§                Umbrella, cap, hat, sunglasses

§                Reading materials and games

§                Paper towels, wet wipes, garbage bags

§                First aid kit.


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  1. i love getting ready food from the supermarket too, easy and save time :p

    Comment by chinnee | October 18, 2007

  2. The only disadvantage is the preservatives in them. Well, it’s alright to have a little bit of rubbish in the body’s system once a while, build up immunisation.

    Comment by ranimon | November 20, 2007

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