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Well, as of yesterday, I promised to list one holiday actitvity a day to inspire parents to plan quality time for their children. I kicked off with a visit to Sunway Petting Zoo yesterday. Today, let’s bring our kids to the cinema. Don’t forget to ask your children what movie they would like to watch and whether they want to bring their friends with them. The more the merrier, right? Don’t forget to make the trip more exciting by eating popcorn and take them out for a simple snack after the movie, just to share their movie-watching experience.

Watching what I call the movie fad or the currently popular movies is an exceptionally common thing, which obviously cater to the majority of the children taste. I personally enjoyed World Cinema, a different category altogether when popping into Virgin or HMV stores in England, whereby they sell cds, dvds and entertainment magazines. What is World Cinema? World Cinema movies are non-American imported movies, the non-Hollywood blockbusters that do not get much publicity in this part of the world. Basically, they are popular movies from other countries like France, Japan, India, Brazil. The one thing that suprises me is that these movies have strong story outline potraying the wealth of real life but never achieve the box office status. I wonder why.

Anyway, these are some of the uncommon World Cinema movies for your children’s eyes, mind and soul. A few of these movies captured my heart and made my day a better one. (Maybe Bose’s Entertainment Team can sponsor me to build a powerful soundproof cinema so as to entertain and encourae children to watch a wealth of other quality movies.)

Hayao Miyazaki is the winner of the 2003 Oscar for best Animated Film and the Golden Bear at Berlin. He has produce a whole set of up to 20 animated movies under the Studio Ghibli Collection. My husband loves the soundtrack. Worth watching 200 times!

Heard of this movie but never had the chance to watch it yet. “A film which will win many hearts. Dora, a crusty middle-aged spinster, unwillingly becomes responsible for a small boy, Josue, when his mother dies.”

Don’t have any clue about this movie. “Set in Prague, down on his luck cellist Frantisek Louka is forced to marry a Russian woman in return for money to pay his debts. When she runs off to her lover, he’s left with her 5 year-old son.”

“A completely enchanting and bittersweet film in which a young boy is shipped off to spend the summer with his uncle after his mother falls ill.”

“Set in 1949, an unemployed music teacher is hired as supervisor in a strict boarding school for troubled children.”

So there you go, a glimpse of some of the movies you can buy as a collection and feel free to watch with your children in the ease of your schedule. By the way, I’m wonderiing whether we can rent movies from internet or shops in Johor? Especially internet, like what offered by Amazon, Tesco and BlockBuster in UK.


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