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Dancing In The Pain… (the agony of finding the events)

Initially, for the fourth entry of the holiday activities for school children to participate, I intended to look for ballet related activities, but to no avail. So, I expanded the area to include any dance or drama or theatrical activities. I have a couple of links that represent the cultural part of Malaysia.

Istana Budaya I visited the website. It seems that they have an array of very interesting programmes going on. However, when I clicked at the headlines on the homepage, I received a glimpse of the content before the page turned into ‘page cannot be found’. Very disappointing indeed! Do call them for more information because their shows are internationally recognised.

Five Art’s Centre Young Theatre. Another good place to visit, however their website is not updated. The people who work in this organisation are nationally well-known, including Krishen Jit and Marion d’Cruz.

I have also spent the next 45 minutes surveying for dance/theatrrical related websites and I have to say that their sites sucked, worst of the worst. I know that there are fabulous productions out there, but why have a website which is not running well. kind of frustrating, you know. The next best option for parents to find similar programmes is the magazines or newspapers. Good luck on that!


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