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Thinking Club

Let’s see what can the holidaying youngsters do during this time of the year. Grownups could help them to form a Thinking Club. This idea was originally created by Edward de Bono, the guru who formulated the Lateral Thinking and has written numerous books on developing Thinking Skills. Apat from discussing and practising the skills from his books, children could also participate in other activities such as jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, puzzles, detective stories and board games.

I am personally looking for a venue to conduct this club with other friends or strangers (can become friends soon) who would like to spend about 2 hours every week to talk casually on the Thinking Skills founded by de Bono. I am based in Johor Bahru and will be moving temporarily to Kuala Lumpur next year.

On another note, when I was in England, I attended a one-day session of the MindLab programme, which organises indoor thinking games for children from the age of 4+ until secondary age group. The participants and the organiser were very warm and welcoming, as they conducted the activities in the organiser’s house. The session gave me a wonderful taste of MindLab, and I would have liked to assist them more, if not for my school’s workload and other holiday activities with friends. The money to invest in the franchise is quite high as well, but if you are interested, do visit their website at The last time I checked there is no Mindlab programme yet in Asia.


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  1. Thank you for the info, Frank.

    Comment by rani | September 14, 2008

  2. Have you founded your club yet?

    Comment by Justin | September 14, 2008

  3. Justin: No, I’ve not make this club a reality yet. Relatively busy with my studies, part-time job, new hobbies and writing… However, would love to joint venture with anybody, if I can find somebody who has the same interest.

    Comment by rani | October 20, 2008

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