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Dough making and playing

Kids, big or small, older or younger, love playing with dough. I still remember how I used to enjoy making playdough with children and made interesting figurines with them, always manage to produce the something that is better looking than theirs. hah!

I never new there that there are numerous types of dough that you can make with children. Consider the recipes in this site! They looked yummy just by the list of the ingredients. So, enjoy making and playing these many kinds of playdough with your children. Don’t forget to use tools such as cookie cutters, plastic knives,forks and spoons, combs, sticks, shells, small cups and pots, and also the commercialised ones from Toys’r’us or any other toyshops.

Can’t wait to see or hear about the happy faces and laughters and conversations of your children and their playdough!!


November 27, 2007 - Posted by | art and craft, family, holiday | ,

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  1. I used to make playdough for my 2 girls, as you said, they love playing it! Now I hardly make any for my kids coz i hate to clean up after the session, probably, tonight… lets messup!!!

    Comment by Kelly | April 15, 2008

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