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I have always love cycling. Maybe because I love feeling the brush of the wind across my face and caressing my hair to the very back of my mind so that I just loosen up and enjoy the ride that does not stress the environment.

I cycled quite a bit in London, bought a bicycle, used it for two years and just sold it to a friend a few months ago before I return to Malaysia. What a pity that I didn’t even take a picture of my beloved vehicle. I also purchased a book on The London Cycle Guide and must agree wholeheartedly the author’s first few sentences.

“I cycle in London to beat the system. I always have. It’s my little way of resisting being overwhelmed by the place, of remaining an individual.”

‘Remaining an individual’ is a slogan that I always preach and practice to my husband. I would rather cycle than driving the car to and fro places, except when there is a devastating need to transport people.

This holiday season, the children who I tutor brought their bicycles from their grandparents’ kampung to their house so that they can go for rides around the corner of their houseyard. I was really impressed and excited. So, parents out there, why not get a bicycle for yourself as well and join the ride to freedom with your children, neighbours, pets (when I was in school a long time ago, I placed my cat in the basket above the cycle’s front wheel) and strangers.

As for me, I’m yet to buy a bicycle before I decide where I would be in the next few months. My helmet, toolbox and pump are still in the box waiting to be released. Meanwhile, I’m also scouting out bicycle routes in the vicinity of Johor Bahru, Skudai and Tampoi and companionship. If any readers share the same interest with me or know of a related club that organises cycling activities, please be kind enough to contact me.


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