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I was looking at the advertisement session of The Star on Saturday to look for second hand car for sale. However, I swerved from my original intention and was attracted to an ad about an existing Art and Craft centre in PJ, with existing students, waiting to be sold for about RM15k. Now, I’m thinking about a partner who would like to venture into this kind of business with me.


December 13, 2007 - Posted by | art and craft, business | ,


  1. I do I do!

    Comment by Kelly | April 15, 2008

  2. I visited ur site and found out that u r involved in a children activity thingy, like an enrichment centre, am I right? Can u tell me more on that? I must drop by that centre one day to help out. I’m sure I would love spending the time there. I’m currently in JB as I’m on a semester break from studies. I’ll be in London for the next two months, so if u guys need anything u can inform me.

    Regarding the business partnership, I’m glad u showed interest and so will definitely keep u in mind when I see another proposal in the future.
    I understand u r working, as a …….?

    Comment by rani | April 24, 2008

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