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Parent and child workshops

I saw this advertisement in Young Parents, a Singapore parenting magazine which is available here, and was wondering whether our government organises any similar event to that. Let me describe the ad and list out the workshops available.

Play, Discover and Grow with A Series of Parent-and Child Workshops by Singapore Sports Council (The Sportscovery workshops for Parents and Children is a great start to getting your child interested and active in sports! Developed for parents and children, these workshops aim to let your child discover and learn through practical and fun hands-on session.

Movement and Dance

  • I can move from A to Z (4-6yrs)
  • Back to balance  (4-6yrs)
  • Let’s move! (3-5 yrs)
  • Fun Gymnastics for Parents and kids (3-6 yrs)
  • Groove and jive to stories and rhymes (4-6 yrs)
  • Boxes, bats and balls (3-5 yrs)


  • Pilates for the family (6-12 yrs)
  • Yoga for parents and children (6-12 yrs)
  • Kids athletics workshop (5-12 yrs)


  •  Fencing for parents and kids (6-12 yrs)
  • Fencing fun for the family (6-12 yrs)
  • Mini squash for the family (6-12 yrs)
  • Get rolling! basic inline skating trial workshop (3-12 yrs)
  • One-with-one (Bite sized soccer) (3-8 yrs)
  • Water safety awareness for preschoolers (3-4yrs)
  • Tennis for everyone (4-12 yrs)

Martial Arts

  • Aikido for parents and kids (5-12 yrs)
  • aikido- a self-defence martial art  (5-12 yrs)

A lot of the activities for children are organised by private parties or individuals which sometimes involved a heap of douche. I would like to hear about any interesting activities for parents and child to join in, already organised by our government.


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