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Finding Your Roots

Spend the free time you have with your children this holiday discovering your family’s history and visiting relatives near and far. Build a family tree, as part of art and craft activity, with photos and names attached, and maybe  contact details as well.  Go up or back as far as ancestors you can, and climb down the journey as well to see how many cousins, nephews and nieces your family has.

On another matter, I am wondering whether there is a list, like a directory, of children’s programmes including childcares, kindergartens, enrichment centres, preschools or any other kinds of educational instituition by a single person or body. This need not only be academic listing. It can also include extra-curricular activity and other exciting or adventurous projects organised for children of ages 0 – 17 years old. If there is none, I would like to embark on a project of collecting the relevant list as mentioned above, maybe more on a hard copy format, like a magazine or book or newsletter, and later on the internet. Any interesting parties want to work with me?


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