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Scrapbooking with your children

Remember the photos that you took and eternally restored in digital form in the memory card? The luckier pictures will get developed and printed, then secretly hidden in some corner of the house. Don’t even attempt to open the closet’s door this very moment for the crashing of boxes of photos will fall crash, boom, bang on you!

Holiday time is the best time to compile photos with your children. Better still if possible do scrapboking project with them.

I was very glad to find a free digital scrapbooking on the web. I was planning a long time to do this as my other more successful fellow bloggers. Theirs look so cute and beautiful and memorable. I’ll start using this programme to print out lovely christmassy photos for my husband’s aunt and uncle who reside in England. want to thank them for the moments during last year’s Christmas!

If any readers have any other fantastic scrapbooking website or other useful tools, do share it with me here.


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