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Class Economics

Now this is something I would love to do with children and I happened to read about it in one of the Montessori related articles.

Children like to do projects in which they can raise money for the class or for other people. For example, they can have art sales and use the money to buy more art supplies or science equipment. Last year they charged admission and asked for additional donations to their production of a (drama group). These funds were sent to an organisation which helps orphans in Romania. The process by which the children decide how to make money and how to spend it is of course as valuable as the money they raise.

How incredibly thoughtful for the children to embark on this kind of project voluntarily! Instead of having the Pendidikan Moral examination in SPM, which still resembles the mother of all stupidity combined, children should be given merit points based on their completion of a practical assignment, like the one above! Anyway, how do you give score points to a person’s moral values. Totally absurd for the education department to still have this subject even after more than ten years of application. I took the subject thirteen years ago and still strongly feel that the method of evaluation should be reassessed thoroughly.


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  1. Ya i m totally agree with you!
    I m now doing a report 4 my LAN Morak Studies and the title is about the methods of teaching and syllabus of moral studies. So i gotta tell wat happen to it dat causes students dun like it.

    I think mayb goverment start to discuss about this issue. Hope so..

    Comment by PanG | July 10, 2008

  2. In England, there is a subject called Citizenship and Religious Studies, whereby students learn about the essential aspects all religions, including Jewish and Taoism, and issues related to the country.

    thanks for visiting my site. I’m also linking ur site to my other blog called SHANTI.

    Comment by rani | July 22, 2008

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