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Peace Education In The Classroom

There is this particular researched article in one of the past issues in Montessori International magazine discussing about Montessori’s concept of peace and current talks on the peace issue. What interests me is the fact that inner and inter-community peace plays a more pivotal role in moulding the general peace of non-violence and no war threats among countries in the world. How does this peace topic applied in a Montessori classroom? In the 6 components exhibited in the Montessori environment:-freedom &r responsibiity, order, beauty, nature, didactic materials and development of community. Several ideas for resolving conflict peacefully in the classroom were also included (strike me well on the head):

  1. Introduce a PEACE TABLE for children to resolve their conflicts.
  2. Introduce a special place for SILENCE & PEACE (with beautiful natural objects, or a card written ‘silence’ on it), for quiet reflection.

I urge practitioners to try the ideas above, in your very own style, bearing in mind the purpose of the tasks, and giving them some time to germinate. Remember to role-model it to the children, meaning you using practising the idea as well. Before long, you can see the children copying your steps and utilising the area you provided for them. Let’s see!!


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  1. Rani,
    I’m glad to discover your blog…
    Will read thru it when free!
    I’m sure it will help me alot in improving my role as a coach to my kids.

    Comment by Kelly | April 15, 2008

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