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Nature Walk activities

Woodland or forest in Malaysia is full of trees, shrubs and wild flowers of different species. One way to engage children with the outdoors is to make them botanists. How? Send them for a B.Sc course in botany. No, just kidding. Another way to cultivate their interest in plants is to seek the help of FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) and MNS (Malaysian Nature Society). In England, the Wildlife Trust will set you off in the right direction. I myself have never come across such activities, for young children, through FRIM, MNS or other organization. I would love to get in touch with them and seek advice for such activities, especially during the school holiday.

Here, I have a few suggestions for Montessori teachers who love conducting Nature Walk:

  • Tell children to look for 3 categories of plants: fungi, parasitic plants and conifers (Tropical places can replace conifers with flowering plants perhaps.) Whoever sees the most at the end of the walk is the winner, with consolation prizes of course.
  • Identify plants from their leaves. Introduce the name of the leaves beforehand using the Leaf Cabinet in the Botany area.

What other wholesome things can your children do when they are in the woods? Share your thoughts here.


June 11, 2008 - Posted by | family, holiday, Literacy, science

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