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Follow The Modern Child

Maria Montessori wrote about the importance of following the child in The Secret of Childhood (I think.) In this age, another word has to be added in that phrase. The word ‘modern’. ‘Modern’ in this term is equivalent to the new way of how information is relayed through technology, ICT and internet. It is about using modern equipment such as computer, Smartboard and internet to tap into the human intelligence for the sake of development.

How is the modern Montessori teacher able to use this useful technology for the benefit of her students? Not until that we depend on technology for every single step of our lives, but to assist us on our daily takings and making our lives easier and better. More efficient if not effective.

What principles did Dr. Montessori espoused that we ‘follow the child’, even when the human civilization has changed so much from the first time she introduced the Montessori Education/Movement?


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