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Prevention is always the cure.

My condolences to the family of 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy who was shot dead by Australian police force in an attempt to deter the boy who was threatening the police with two large knives and appeared agitated. An inquiry was made by the Victorian Criminal Justice Coalition, members of legal, academic and community service groups, to call for other solutions on dealing with emotionally disturbed people. Apparently, the police has used capsicum spray and fired a warning shot before resorting to shooting Tyler, as he was violently threatening the police team members.

Is it possible to blow a sleeping drug, something like a dart (that is being used by vet to put wild animals in a drowsy situation), when facing people with irrational and violent behaviour? If there is something that works for the wild animals, I doubt there isn’t a way to immobilize people with chronic psychopathological symptoms, like the case with Tyler.


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