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Steiner Talk Part 3.

Steiner included all aspects of growth and development in his theory and philosophy, which he developed as the three planes of development (quite similar to Montessori’s phases of development, don’t you reckon): 0-7 years old, 7-14 years old, 14-21 years old. Although the phases are distinct on their own, each stage facilitates the progression needed to be taken ahead to the next stage.

Steiner identified three important elements of human qualities in a child’s life: willing (doing) {like Montessori’s child’s will}, sensitivity of feeling (affective) and thinking (cognition). The focus will be on the first stage naturally as we are looking at early years development.

How is the first plane supported in an educational setting:

  • staff construct an environment that is child-centered.
  • support learning through doing and experiencing.
  • formal learning, such as worksheets and homework, is not appropriate.
  • facilitates self-initiated exploration through play, artistic and creative activities.

The above basic aspects of a Steiner-inspired setting are so aligned with the Montessori Methods of educating children as a whole, which is something Montessorians will find familiar with. More philosophical aspects of Steiner’s method in the next post.


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