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Last minute pep talk.

As the new term of the new school year in Malaysia begins this week, I’m pretty sure that teachers nationwide are gearing up for the new students and children they’d be meeting and educating this year. Wishing for a last minute motivation before marching into the battle this week, I would like to share this piece of advice from Marc Seldin, a contributor of Montessori Leadership Online. His voice resonated with an opinion I shared with a friend about the need to communicate with teachers and vice versa.

Montessori schools should work towards integrating into the lifestyle of the parents. Schools should make every effort to:

  • communicate to parents that they are not merely dropping off their children to have the teachers present lessons all day
  • ensure that parents know they are really part of a school community that supports them and their children in every way possible, in and out of the classroom
  • communicate from the admissions process and forward that, in choosing to be part of your Montessori schools, they have entered into a meaningful relationship with people who care and who share similar values.

This also means that your parents have a lot more emotionally invested with your schools than with their dry cleaner, obviously! Heads of schools intuitively know this.

I personally and truly believe in the healthy dialogue between parents and teachers every day when they drop the child and pick them up. Practise brief and amicable dialogue with parents and the more you will get to know about the child and his/her family.

Happy educating 2009!


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