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Dr. David Weikart (1931-2003)

Dr. Weikart was the researcher and president of High/Scope Educational Research Foundation, an institution conducting long term research work in education, beginning with a group of pre-school children in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA, in response to the decline of achievement in high school students.

The initial research project called Perry Pre-school had the following criteria:

1) Objective: To measure the impact of pre-school education on disadvantaged children using longitudinal study method.

2) Participants: 3-year-old children divided into two groups, one is the control group and the other is the experimental group. The latter group is given high quality early years programme for 2 ½ hours a day, plus home visits from teachers, for over two years. So, teachers worked with parents to explain the curriculum and approach, to enable educational follow-ups or supports for children in their homes.

3) Results: The intervention group was more likely to succeed at school, to take up higher education, gain access to long-term employment, and less likely to become teenage parents or involved in criminal activity.

Dr. David Weikart

I will elaborate further the philosophy behind High/Scope Learning in Weikart Talk 2.


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