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Seminar For Care Givers Of Children With Special Needs

Yesterday,the Rotary Club of Melawati helped parents, caregivers, teachers and other interested parties to share and bucket a load of knowledge by inviting medical practitioners and psychologists on the topics related with special children.


The very generous speakers were:

  • Mary Easaw – Chief Dietician
  • Paul Jambunathan – Clinical Psychologist
  • Rajini Sarvananthan – Paeditrician
  • Jochebed Isaacs – Clinical Psychologist, supervisor at Early Autism Project Malaysia
  • Subash Kumar – Child Psychiatrist

The seminar was an excellent pool of crowd as information, emotions and the load of huge responsibilities as well as guilt of not-giving-enough or don’t-know-how-to-give spurted from one parent to another. As one parent said, “Once a person starts to become a parent, the responsibility lingers until the end of one’s life.”

I attended this event as I have just started to volunteer at a special children daycare centre. A few attendees were quite impressed with the indefinite reason of my attendance. However, if Montesorians remember the very early working years of Dr.Maria Montessori, she worked at a Psychiatric Clinic with mentally deficient children in insane asylums in Rome at the end of the 19th century. Hence, I am hoping that by emulating the steps of the doctor herself, I can to a certain extent relate and understand or further discover the ‘secret’ of another childhood’s world.

And above all, probably I would reveal something about myself?!


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