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60sec video.

Remember a few months ago, job seekers around the world posted a one-minute video of why they should be hired as a caretaker for an island in Australia and gained popularity in all the social medias? Using the same concept, Montessori Foundation (USA) produced a video to promote Montessori education to the public. The short digital image was supposed to give a very short intro to Montessori.

  • Do your children honestly love school?
  • Are they eager and excited about learning?
  • Are they getting the individual learning and challenged to do the best?

These are the questions I ask myself everyday as I enter and leave the school. Everyday,  I hope that a child has fulfilled the inner desire to learn something on that day. If not, I need to find a way to induce that need in the child by sowing the seed of curiosity, by planting some knowledge and by learning about the child through the carer or the child himself/herself. It is not easy to cater to every individual child’s educational need, but it is topmost essential.


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