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Diary of a Montessori Directress.

I could not really find an occasion to mark for writing this entry. My only intention is to provide a platform for teachers/guides/nannies/childminders to share their teaching experiences in a week, and to give other non-teacher readers (parents, caretakers, nannies, grandparents, students, general readers) an insight into the working week of a Montessori teacher.

Starting from next Monday (20 July 2009) until Friday (24 July 2009), I would be writing about my teaching and planning experience for the whole working week. I am welcoming comments or replies from readers and would like to extend an invitation to Montessori teachers to write and share their own teaching experiences here. Anonymous requests will also be  accepted.

If you would like to participate in this ‘Montessorian’s Diary’, please email me at enbarani [at], (Replace [at] with @). I will moderate the entry before publishing it in my blog. Pictures or any other images would be a bonus. After you’ve emailed me the entry, I will briefly edit and publish it here.


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