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Diary Of A Montessorian- Day 1.

This is a 5-day-record of my working hours as a Montessorian in a kindergarten in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Day: Monday

Date: 20th July 2009

Children: 3 1/2 – 5 years old

Record: I arrived at school at about 8.05 am, had an instant breakfast and started to prepare myself and the environment for the first day of school week. The fresh flowers that I hoped to keep fresh a little bit longer withered in the fridge during the weekend. In conjunction with the theme Botany for this term, I introduced fresh jasmine, lotus, chrysantemum, rose, hibiscus, allamanda and ixora last week. The children were also shown how to water a potted money plant using a plastic jar, pebble and sponge.

Since introducing the concept of ‘leader’ in the classroom last week, I was pleased that A asked “who is the leader today”. It is a positive sign that one of the children had the sensibility to ponder upon the leader that day and how to line up when it’s time to do so.

B managed to construct a maze with the number rods today, with minimal help. She told me that she had done this with the long rods before and didn’t know she could do the same with the number rods. I showed her how to walk into the maze and build a pink tower in the middle. C was very attracted to the activity and had to be coaxed to ask B if he can join B in this group activity. B declined his offer gently.

A attempted to make a mask today. It was almost complete until he cut out of the paper into two pieces as he tried to cut the eyes out. I suprised myself by showing him a safer way to cut the eyes, nose and mouth (basically by mirror folding the parts). He was thrilled as he cut out the mask independently with brief instructions from me. I was happy for him. Nowadays, he comes to school with an idea of what to produce spontaneously. Last week, he drew, wrote and cut out an apple seed. His work were mostly displayed in the classroom, as suggested by him.

Today I used food colouring to paint flower pictures on paper for the first time. The outcome was similar to water colour. The colours looked different between wet and dry. The older children enjoyed it. One of the prerequisite skill for this activity is fine muscular movements and a small paintbrush with soft sharp edges must be used, not the flat brushes.

After that it was play time and today was sand play day. Snack time at 10.55am.

Mandarin teacher came at 11.10am. Had a brief circle time after that, Jolly Phonics next with another teacher and lunch at 12pm. Their last lesson, BM was at 12.30pm.

After my lunch time with the teachers in school, I started to prepare for tomorrow’s lesson and set up the other new classroom.

Went home at 3.30pm.


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