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Diary Of A Montessorian- Day 2.

Day: Tuesday

Date: 21st July 2009

Children: 3 1/2 – 5 years old

Record: I arrived at school at 8am and had breakfast with the other teachers. Another new child aged 3 1/2 years old just join the environment, and he usually comes after 9 pm.A co-teacher supervises him since he is her key child.

No extra curricular activity today.

The first child came in at 9.05 am. One child was absent. I revised care of self, how to cough, sneeze and blow nose with group presentation. After that, they helped to pluck the dried flower petals into a container. I would like to make potpourri with them.

A showed deep interest in reading the insects’ names from the Insect poster. I plan to introduce blue series to him for next reading activity.

B can write her name in quarter-inch line space. She completed writing names on a worksheet with almost nil guidance.

C was practising pincer grip with the tweezers and small pegs. Suprisingly, he was able to cut along the line today.

Children continued with work cycle until 10.30am. It rained heavily during playtime, so children played with play dough and participated in a short music and movement session. Had snack at 11am and continued with playdough and Jolly Phonics until 12pm. They enjoyed lunch today and I’m pleased that B remembered to set up the table. She has stopped requesting to eat food from home and had been enjoying the school’s food with joy.

Children went home at 12.45pm.


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