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Diary Of A Montessorian- Day 3.

Day: Wednesday

Date: 22nd July 2009

Children: 3 1/2 – 5 years old

Record: I had breakfast with the teachers at about 8.15am. Only two children in the classroom today. N followed my instructions on completing two worksheets diligently today. His pencil grip was also good today, refusing to be guided by me in writing the numbers.

I showed A how to arrange the knobbed cylinders and knobless cylinders. N tried to join in but didn’t have the patience to complete the activity.

I directed him to the transferring with tweezers activity, but he chose to work with the small buttoning frame instead, something which he was not yet ready for. I asked him many times if he was certain that that was what he wanted to work with. He was very determined. As predicted, he had troubled with the buttoning and started to make whinging sounds instead of using his words to ask for help. I moved out of the environment, listening from out of the corner of the classroom, hoping that he would ask help from A, who was busy tidying his work (a long time to put away the coloured knobless and knobbed cylinders).

Instead, N instructed A to do the buttoning for him. I had to interrupt as they would be late for playtime. I asked N to put his name near the work and finish it after playtime and snack.

After snack time, I gave A a language worksheet to complete and return to N to finish the buttoning activity. I helped him to button it by holding his hands and emphasising on pincer grip.

N did not seem to learn that he was not ready for certain exercises and chose an open-end zipping frame, which he had difficulties again to close the zip. I sat on a chair at a corner of the room, waiting for him to walk to me and ask for help. Or even better go to a friend to ask for help. But he failed to do either. I even hinted at A to tell N to ask help but N refused to walk and ask. N put the unfinished work back on the shelf several times and tried to take a piece of paper to draw a sun. I had to tell him repeatedly to put the paper back and return to the dressing frame, stressing on the importance of finishing a work cycle before starting another one.

Finally I had to show him how to finish the zipping dressing frame as it was already time for lunch. Before going for lunch, N had time to draw a sun and remembered to put his work in the folder instead of scrunching his work and throwing it in the bin. He reminded himself “It’s beautiful work. It’s beautiful work.” 😉

I am hoping to increase the children’s independence in the classroom by reducing the amount of adult involvement in the environment.


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