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Diary Of A Montessorian- Day 4.

Day: Thursday

Date: 23rd July 2009

Children: 5 years old

Record: I was not feeling well yesterday and even today. Before I retire for the day and take another good sleep tonite, let me jot this post first.

All the children went for a trip to National Science Centre, except one.

I am in charge of preparing the outdoor structured play today, took out the toys, cones and hoops, and wiped the slides dry.

The toddlers were in the classroom with S. They kept putting things into their mouth: eating playdough, dried pasta and small toy teddy bears. S practised writing his names on the line and the names of flowers he painted previously. He also needed a lot of practice with number writing.

S and I played in the garden and had snack before line time. Lunch at 12pm was pasta and stew. He didn’t eat much at the table with less company from friends.


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