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International Peace Day – 21 Sept 2009

21st September 2009 is United Nations World Peace Day. In conjunction with this event, Montessori schools around the world can show their support of world peace by singing the peace song entitled “Light A Candle For Peace”.

Mark your calendars and sing the song with the children around the world!


Light a candle for peace,
Light a candle for love,
Light a candle that shines,
All the way around the world.

Light a candle for me,
Light a candle for you,
That our wish for world peace,
Will one day come true

Sing Peace Around the World
Sing Peace Around the World
Sing Peace Around the World
Sing Peace Around the World

*Footnote: I guess Malaysians would be busy celebrating Hari Raya holiday on this day. Visiting Muslim friends and joining the ‘open house’  events would be a way of advocating Peace amongst different races and creed.


September 10, 2009 - Posted by | holiday, United Nations


  1. i go to the montessori school of winston salem in north carolina. we sang the song. it was really fun.

    Comment by rachel | September 22, 2009

  2. Great to hear that!
    I tried to upload the song on this site but internet connection was too slow.

    Comment by rani | September 23, 2009

  3. We sang the song three schools together, and it was really great, we are very happy to be part of this movement.
    We were 100 people, from 1 year old to 72 years old.

    “One day one hart felt like doing something for world peace and today we are thousands of people around the world looking for the same thing, and we are part of it”.

    Thank you.

    Ana Cristina

    Comment by Ana Cristina Gómez B. | September 23, 2009

  4. Ana: I have linked your school to my blog. You mentioned ‘three schools’, what does that mean? age group 0-3 yrs, 3-6yrs,6-9 yrs?
    And you have a 72 years old staff? wow!

    Comment by rani | October 7, 2009

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