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The crowd enjoyed the premiere release of another environmentally induced movie “The Age of Stupid” at Grand Millennium Hotel, Malaysia yesterday. A movie with an urgent message for humankind as we continue to damage this ill earth.My early resolution for this cause is to fly only once this year.

In South Africa, schools are collaborating, participating and educating the children to contribute to the cause of saving the earth from the incessant temperature/climate change issue.

Newberry House Montessori Primary in Somerset West (with only forty children) must be one of the smallest schools in the Western Cape to have achieved its Eco Flag…all the children, parents and teachers worked really hard to change their environment and take ownership of our precious earth. Over 1000 schools in South Africa have already been granted their Eco Flag.

Flag Raising

(Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa)

The playground a year ago was quite a barren gravel pit. Most of it has been converted to a volleyball court with sand, but around the edge there is a small Eco Garden. The students planted at least ten indigenous trees, made a few eco-circle gardens, planting vegetables and herbs. They also installed a small pond. The garden has already created enough diversity for the bird life to be improved, and the children have made bird-houses to make them feel even more welcome!

Eco Garden

Newberry House Primary School is working with WESSA and WWF under a project called Eco Schools programme which is “designed to encourage curriculum-based action for a healthy environmen. It is an internationally recognised award scheme that accredits schools that make a commitment to continuously improve their school’s environmental performance. This program has been running since 2003 and they have worked tirelessly to get schools more environmentally aware.  At the Awards Ceremony in April it was very encouraging to find so many schools from all walks of society being recognised for their efforts.”

Schools around the world are taking small steps to save Mother Earth, I wonder whether educational institutions here are lunging into tiny steps to do the same. Why don’t start working hand in hand with famed ngos like WWF and MNS?


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