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Language development.

Early communication is linked closely to cognitive, behavior and social skills in children’s lives. Hence, the radical changing patterns of children between two to three years old.

A toddler (two-years-old) is experiencing emerging speech, and their mood pendulum, frustration and impulsiveness can be quite challenging. A year later, this same child with good speech development, is likely to be more cooperative, calm and less inclined to get frustrated easily. Increased speech can actually improve behaviour.

Another 4-year-old child may display behavioural traits of a 2-year old, if language is not yet developed. Therefore, it is also rational that we examine a child’s language level when examples of unwanted behaviour are displayed. Providing star chart might be pointless; boosting a child’s vocabulary and language proficiency could be beneficial.

In order to read and write, it is helpful if the child has a good level of speech. This means adults must talk to children more frequently, read story books to them and free storytelling with props whenever possible. And when children learn to read, it would be really effective if the Phonics method is being used when teaching them English.

Recently, I attended a full day Jolly Phonics course in KL, Malaysia. This course uses synthetic phonics and multi-sensory method to teach children to read and write English. The 5 basic skills for reading and writing, as presented by Jolly Phonics are:

  1. Learning the 42 letter sounds
  2. Learning letter formation
  3. Blending
  4. Segmenting
  5. Spelling tricky words

I had a wonderful time revising the English sounds with two energetic trainers from Australia. Thank you Tina and Celeste!



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  1. Informative blog!Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by learn quran | November 4, 2009

  2. Learn Quran: thanks for hopping here! added ur site under ‘Educational Blog’.

    Comment by rani | March 13, 2010

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