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Global Montessori Service Corps.

You have heard of ‘Peace Corps’, a volunteer programme run by the USA government to help countries around the world in various areas like health and environment. Now, there is Montessori Service Corp, to provide support and guidance to people in remote and developing countries, like India or Africa that are running or starting Montessori schools. Montessori Service Corp is a joint project of the Montessori Foundation, the Center for Guided Montessori Studies and members of IMC which are all based in USA. However, anybody around the world can join this mission to help others.

Any teachers with at least 5 years post certification teaching experience can help to nurture children and teachers in a Montessori environment.  Volunteers will spend about 5 hours a week, for a period ranging from a few months to  a year, working with one or more teachers via video conferencing.

If you are savvy internet/computer and want to help others in another country, or even just to lend support and build your network, contact Tim Seldin ( or Kitty Bravo (


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  1. Please give me more details.

    Comment by Thana scully | December 2, 2010

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