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Another conference.

I know this is kinda last minute. I received this email about a conference in Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, which would be held today. One of the lecturers from SEGI College, Carolyn Choo, is giving a speech/talk too.

Hi Rani,
I am part of the Montessorian World International (“MWI”) particularly in Organizing Committee for MWI Conference 2010. The conference will be held in Klang Valley, Dec 11 (in the past we hosted similar purposeful events in Bangalore, Shanghai and Singapore).
The conference theme this year “Achieving Holistic Development in Children Education; The Parent-Teacher Partnership Approach”. Our panels include invited prominent representatives in childhood education and professional development. This conference will be promoted across all communities esp parents, teachers, educators and individual considering early childhood education as a career. Conference aims to promote holistic education and advocate for professionalism & continual learning to educators/childcare providers. This event will soon be posted in WMI website, this is really first hand info to you as I believe there are montessorians, friends who appreciate this sharing platform. Let me know if you need further details.

Rgds, See Ping

And a later email from See Ping:

Dear Montessorians and Friends,
There will be a public forum & dialogue on “Achieving Holistic Development in Children Education : The Parent-Teacher Partnership Approach” at University of Malaya, KL on 11 Dec 2010 from 8:30am to 12:30noon.

Invited speakers are research & knowledge based professionals include head of department and professors in children education from major universities and college.

Admission is free for students while adults have to pay RM50 per entry. Take away may benefits all and help to cultivate a healthy and effective parent-teacher partnership in raising our children for good.

For details, pls log on For registration, pls email

Happy learning to all!


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