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There was a dateline to meet before I can rush back to my hometown in Perlis. The project is to mark 3 Teaching Practice files that belong to Diploma of Early Childhood Education students. Two months ago, I ‘upgraded’ myself to educating adolescents 17 years old and above. Yes, I left the world of kindergartens, not for good Im sure, because hold behold I miss the time with the children helluvalot.

So, for about 48 hours, I sat duly on the chair and strain my eyes and brain to read the ‘hard work’ of these future teachers. One made me want to kick my bottom so hard that I don’t know whether I should cry or laugh when reading the lesson plan and observation reports. The other two were the rescuers of my day and night. In fact, I even envy the lessons they could deliver to the children at the kindergartens, especially the one at a Montessori school.

The whole experience of becoming a lecturer does not only mean I only teach, there are also tonnes of administrative work, and not to mention preparation for lecturing and the aftermath of assignments and exams and practical files.

Would I regret my decision of boarding into this ship and roller-coasting with the waves of corporate, office, students and all kinds of politics? I think it’s too early to say anything, but I was really delightful when reading the records of the interaction with the students and the children at school. Guess it’s something that I can relate too! Oh, one thing for sure, I still love teaching young children—> the magic is always waiting to be discovered!

merry merry christmas &

a wonderful new year 2011!


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