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Reader’s Comment.

Lately, there was a comment made by BradLee (27/5/2011) about TheJuniorAcademy school, with the sole purpose of tarnishing the school and staff’s credibility. Consequently, there were several responses from other readers after the comment made by BradLee, in defense of the school’s position.

Montessori World is a blog I own, cherish and treasure with the sole objective of giving out genuine information for parents and children. Any comments that are made here must be weighed with considerable seriousness and not just for the sake of venting out ones negative opinion or frustration with certain parties. I would like to keep this platform as a healthy place for readers from various backgrounds to share and seek appropriate and education-related information. If there is any effort to tarnish, condemn or criticize any parties (school/staff), it should be done openly (background of the person giving the  the information) with sufficient evidence, not merely a declaration of a personal opinion. And as the writer of this blog, I would not hesitate to delete the undesirable post or block the commentator from visiting this blog, if deemed necessary.

I would not like to dwell in this matter and I hope all readers and visitors be responsible and respect this blog. Channel your energy in building a better world for the children!


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  2. hi Rani,

    I hope you can give me some advice about the best Montessori school. At this moment my daughter 3yrs old had gone to Stepping stone in Johor Bahru , what i don’t like about that school is racist towards my baby.? Is Montessori should be very racist to the local people.? because i did send my daughter to KUMON center also but there not cold treatment from them.They even don’t give us any feedback on our baby development, some more i been telling them about my baby capabilities. Are sure Stepping Stone is one of the best? In johor bahru is difficult to find a best Montessori , i really hope you can recommend to me in Johor Bahru any Montessori is better than Stepping Stone?

    thank you in advance !

    mu in need

    Comment by syaheida | July 31, 2011

  3. Hi Syaheida,
    My apologies for the late reply. I couldn’t give you an answer on the best school in Johor Bahru or anywhere else, as I am not entitled to judge or evaluate any schools for comparison purpose. Montessori schools are usually, if not most of the time, not ‘racist’ or mistreat children or parents. Only you know what is best for your child.

    Comment by rani | September 20, 2011

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