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Futuristic Verses.

I don’t really know what title to give to this topic, but there are two verses of Dr Montessori’s words which are recorded in her books that send electrifying messages that I hope will shape my belief and values,as well as for the readers.

Verse 1: “Growth comes from activity, not from intellectual understanding. Children and even adults learn best when they are actually doing what they have learned. You can only get better in writing by writing everyday, and not by reading about writing skills from books. You can only calculate better, if you practise counting using the skills you have learned, and not only by reading about how to calculate faster. So teachers and even lecturers, talk for less than 30 minutes, and let your students ‘work on’ the other one hour.


Verse 2: “Prenatal period: forming the body/

0-3 years old: forming the mind/

3-6 years old: forming the character and society.”

I was lucky to witness the births and lifes of my niece and nephew. Today, my niece is 4 years 3 months old and my nephew is 1 year 5 days old. Even though I am not living with them, but every time I see them, they change a lot. My niece is going through another new phase of initiating conversation with strangers, singing and creating dialogues or stories on her own. She certainly has a flair for words and rhythm, and it scares me to think about the misdirection adults might put on this gift from God. My nephew is busy practising motor skills that make everybody’s lives go berserk 😉 His bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence outgrows every adult at the moment, as he is working on muscle strength and agility 🙂

Yes, we love children. And yes we love ourselves too. Looking after very young children is like working on a 6-years project at a period of 3 different frameworks, with each framework taking 3 years to be completed, and the good news is these frameworks are mini projects which are continuous and inter-related. At the end of the mega 6 year project, extend the contract for another 6 years. And you know what, don’t bother to re-sign or call for a memorandum or proposal resubmission because your project’s contract is automatically renewed. :0        What is your current project?


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