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Montessori Schools Association Conference- London 2012

Yes, the Olympics will be the most spectacular event this year in London. In the world of education, another important annual event will also be held at the heart of the city. Seven years ago, I attended MSA National Conference in London and was very fortunate to see a lot of prominent figures belong to the names of the writers who wrote articles in Montessori International magazine.

This year the conference along with a new theme- ‘The hand is the pathway to the brain – neuroscience today’ will be held at the Institute of Education on Saturday 24th March 2012.  It will focus on the latest neuroscience research on how to effectively support young children’s learning and development. Renowned experts attending are: Sally Goddard Blythe, Charles Fernyhough and Susie Pearl talking about ‘Is Every Child Ready to Learn? Assessing and Developing Neuromotor Skills to Support Learning Success’, How Little Minds Lead to Big Ideas and ‘Creating Our World Through Frames of Happiness – New Roads for Empowerment and Success in Learning and Developmentrespectively.

Tickets cost £40 instead of £50 (regular price) for MSA members for booking before 31st January 2012.  Tickets cost £80 for non-members.


On another completely different note altogether, the picture below is a mind-blowing view of a playground equipment in Vienna. I simply wish this picture can inspire you to make the trip for the conference as well as a tour to Europe. Austria has one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth!

The world’s highest chained carousel, located in Vienna , at a height of 117 meters.


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