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Raleigh KL February Monthly Meet: Construction for a Cause

Location: Bentong (Pahang)
Date: 4 – 5 February (Public holidays fall on the 6 – 7 Feb)
Project type: Community Project
Meeting point: Gombak LRT Station
Meeting Time: 7:30am (Please be punctual or else you will be left behind!!)

This centre for Orang Asal (OA) children is being run by a semi-retired couple. It works something like a boarding school. The children are from various kampungs around Malaysia with parental consent and endorsement of the local native leaders.

The purpose of the school is to provide basic primary education i.e. reading and writing for OA kids. In addition, the children are taught discipline, responsibility and life skills. Since joining the school, there has also been marked improvement in the hygiene and health of the children.

The couple relies on donations from friends and contacts for things such as rice, books, stationery, and clothes. Most of the funds come from the couple’s own pockets. Right now they occupy a space at a community retreat venue that is available for most of the year, rented out to the couple on a ‘payable when able’ basis. The space houses around 10-15 children.

Read more about this at KL Raleigh’s Facebook page.


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