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Tomorrow Child’s magazines.

More than a week ago, I made a payment online to The Montessori Foundation Bookstore, Florida USA, for a bulk purchase of past issues of 50Tomorrow Child’s magazine which costs USD145. I am praying that it will arrive sometime next week amidst the many January holidays in Malaysia this year.

I am a magazine freak, having also collected and bound Montessori Today’s magazines from UK from the year 2003 until 2007. After that year, it was simply difficult to get my hands on any Montessori related magazines around the world, until this opportunity came.

So, once the parcel arrives, I will celebrate the images with you. Yeah, I’m sorry, you can only look at them, while I smell the crispy pages, touch and flip the festooned publications, cling on every single word and picture in the mags from dawn till dusk! 😉 Oh, however, while you wait for the advent of the mags, charmed yourself with the view below.

Thor's Well, Cape Perpetua, Oregon


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  1. That’s really cool if you will be able to get hold of the magazines. However, plz do not hesitate to share with us the infromation you acquire. It will be really awesome.Thanks for sharing Rani. God bless you…

    Jasmine (Auckland)

    Comment by Jasmine | January 30, 2012

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