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It’s the time to celebrate…

MOTHER’S DAY next month, especially for countries in Asia!!! Are you out of wits again on what to do this year? How about…

1) Creating a mother-ly collage together. Gather some of the memorabilia that you and your mum have managed to accumulate over the year- shells, flowers, necklaces, dresses, rings, photographs, gifts etc. Using a big piece of cardboard or white paper or white cloth to serve as the backdrop of your collage, stick all the stuff you have collected and stick them onto the backdrop. Don’t forget to use paint, crayon or markers to decorate this collage. Have the other family members to participate in this creation, making sure everybody sign and date it. On Mother’s Day, spread this wonderful gift in front of your mum…SURPRISE!!!

2) Make fruit cocktail from expensive and imported fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, avocado, african mango, pear, passion fruit, kiwi etc.

3) Design a hand drawn batik for mum and make it into a sarong, scarf, or blouse. If you want genuine batik experts to show you the right way to do this, go to Kota Bharu, Kelantan. If budget is an issue here, then go to Central Market, Kuala Lumpur. Don’t forget to sign your masterpiece.

What about me? Have I prepared anything for my mum? Yes, I did…voila, a rose-petals-stricken- bottle with a hidden message written on it, and a scroll of poem inside the bottle. Cool ey!

uploaded two days after Mother’s Day.

*This is what I don’t like about wordpress. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t upload pictures. This is one of the many times wordpress fails to allow me to upload photos from my laptop. And now I’m obviously very very frustrated. Loading images is always successful with Blogger, maybe I should consider moving out form WordPress.


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